Advice For New Mothers: How To Cope With A Newborn Or Infant

Advice For New Mothers: How To Cope With A Newborn Or Infant

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After having a baby, people will ask you, ‘How are you coping?’ or ‘Are you guys sleeping?’

Honestly, any new mum would like to tell you, ‘An extra pair of hands and more hours in a day would be great!’ But they don’t.

In truth, caring for a newborn with no experience can be challenging. Not forgetting you have to look after yourself as well.

With helpful tips, your experience can be easier. This article provides advice for new mothers. Here’s how to cope with a newborn or infant:

Do Bicycle Exercises For Baby Gas

A baby can be gassy due to excessive crying, an immature digestive system, swallowing air while breastfeeding, and other issues. This can cause them to appear restless, be unable to sleep, and sometimes cry in pain.

If your baby is gassy, their stomach will be hard and they’ll be fussy. Also, you might notice that they’ll be pulling their legs towards their chest.

Bicycle exercises can be quite helpful in relieving baby gas. Simply lay them on their back and move their feet in a bicycle motion towards their stomach.

You can also try pushing both feet towards their stomach, then hold for 10 seconds in that position. After that, you can straighten their legs and repeat that a few more times. You can combine the two exercises. Often, your baby will pass gas by farting.

Help Baby Poop

Sometimes your little one may not have a bowel movement for a while. In some instances, a baby not pooping isn’t something to worry about, especially if they’re past 6 weeks. If your little one is younger than that and they rarely pass stool or aren’t at all, don’t hesitate to call a doctor.

However, you can help your baby poop if they’re past 6 weeks old and have gone for some time without a bowel movement. That’s if they seem uncomfortable or fussy. Do this by first applying baby massage oil on their tummy and back. After that, massage their tummy and back in circular motions.

Have Time For Yourself

It’s easy to forget yourself while caring for your little one, spouse, and other family members and keeping things around you in order. You also deserve some love from yourself. So, make sure you create time to care for yourself. Get a mani-pedi, exercise, get your hair done, take a long warm shower, etc., whatever makes you happy, momma! You deserve it!

Plan Your Daily Tasks

Planning your daily tasks is the best thing you can do with a new baby or infant. There may be much to do with so little time. However, were not super humans, and we don’t need to be.

So, don’t pressure yourself. Download a task planner and plan your week. Assign daily tasks in a way that allows you to enjoy time for your baby and have enough rest.

Sleep When You Can/Want to

You may be advised to sleep when your baby sleeps. However, you might find this difficult, especially if you can only do your chores, clean the house, or have time for yourself while the baby is asleep.

It’s best to handle more tasks earlier in the day. This way, you’ll have more time in the day to sleep whenever you can or want to. You’ll also be on time to complete the task you’ve scheduled for later.

Watch Out For Natal And Neonatal Teeth

A piece of advice for new mothers not quite common is to watch out for natal and neonatal teeth. The truth is, though rare, some babies will have teeth at birth (natal teeth). On the other hand, others may develop them in the first 30 days (neonatal teeth).

These can cause difficulty feeding, distress, pain, and other complications. If your baby has either, it’s best to visit a pediatrician.

Avoid Messy Diaper Changes

Diaper changes can be messy. Sometimes you’ll change a poopy diaper, and your baby will go again, or their little feet may end up in poop. If you have a boy, you may get peed on.

Avoid these messy situations by waiting at least five minutes before changing a diaper once you notice your baby pooping. Also, have all supplies before changing your baby and place a liquid-proof changing pad under them. Once you’re done, ensure your baby’s feet and other areas are clean. Don’t forget to have a piece of clothing to cover your boy during diaper changes.

It Isn’t So Hard

Some people may scare you into thinking that caring for a baby is difficult. In truth, it isn’t for a healthy baby. They only need sleep, love, feeding, and enough but not too much warmth. Caring for your baby will be a manageable job when you understand them.

It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Caring for a newborn or infant can be overwhelming sometimes. They can be fussy, they can get sick, and sometimes they won’t sleep well. Call a family member or friend to help you out at such times. They can take over chores around the house or watch over your baby as you nap.

Burp Your Little One

As mentioned earlier, babies swallow air when feeding. This can make them gassy and, therefore, quite fussy. Burping them after every feed can help prevent this. Ensure you buy enough burp clothes for this task.

Find Experienced Mum Friends

Having at least one or two experienced mom friends is essential. You can rely on them for anything. If you need to ask something about the baby or you, they can help you. You can also look for mom groups on social media where you can get the support you need.

Have A Good Pediatrician’s Contacts

It’s best to have a pediatrician’s contacts. They’ll provide preventative care tips to keep your baby healthy. If you encounter difficulties, they’ll diagnose your child and recommend the right medication if necessary, reducing the need for hospital visits. A good doctor also keeps a record of your child’s health history. This way, they can provide the best treatment when the need arises.

Talk It Out

Sometimes your emotions will be all over the place. Other times, you’ll like to just be quiet by yourself. When you don’t feel your best, talk to someone. It helps.

Don’t Wash Your Baby Daily

You don’t need to wash your little one daily. For babies under one year, 1-2 baths a week are enough.

Don’t submerge your baby in water if the umbilical cord hasn’t fallen off or healed completely. Doing so can cause an infection or prevent proper healing. Instead, do a sponge bath.

More Tummy Time, Please

Allowing your baby more tummy time helps to strengthen their arm, shoulder, and neck muscles. This prepares them to start crawling, sitting, and eventually moving with their feet all on their own.

Talk To Your Little One More Often

Talking to your little one is also vital. This helps them develop language and communication skills early.

Follow your instincts

Most importantly, you should follow your instincts. You know your baby best! Trust that you’re doing the best for your little one, and always listen to your gut.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to motherhood, it can seem like you have a challenging task ahead. However, taking care of your baby doesn’t have to be hard. This article provides advice for new mothers to make things more manageable.

If you have more tricks that can be helpful to other new moms, leave your tip in the comment section. I’d be glad to hear from you. Wouldn’t creating a community that makes raising a child easier for new moms be lovely?

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