Cool Gift Ideas For A New Dad

Cool Gift Ideas For A New Dad

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Being a new dad is an exciting experience. Whether it’s your husband, brother, friend, or colleague, you’ll watch them enter a new phase of their lives. As they do so, a gift would be kind to let them know that you’re thinking of them and celebrating this milestone with them.

Getting or thinking of gifts for a new mum or baby is often easy. That said, deciding what to get someone in your circle who’s just entered fatherhood doesn’t have to be challenging. This article provides seven cool gift ideas for a new dad.

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Dad And Baby Bonding Gifts

A new dad will appreciate a gift that allows him to bond with his baby. So, you can consider a sling, a dad baby carrier, or a hoodie with a baby pouch. With these, a dad can enjoy quality time with their little one around the home or outside exploring new worlds. Besides, you’ll have given the perfect gift that allows a mum to take a needed break!

Matching T-Shirts For Dad And Baby

Matching t-shirts for baby and dad can be an awesome gift. You can go crazy with the captions. The wittier, the better! You can also have an inspirational quote or a memorable saying on the tees. Alternatively, you can have something simple, like the baby’s birthday, name, and dad’s new title on the t-shirts.

Baby Care Kit

It’s safe to say many dads love it when things are easy to find. So a baby care kit with a thermometer, nail cutter, scissors, and other necessary baby care items in one place is a great gift idea.

You may find that the new parents already have this set in the house. It’s likely because it’s one of the most essential things to have before a new baby’s arrival. If you find they have another baby care kit in the house, the dad can keep the new one in the car. This way,  they don’t have to carry the only one they have in and out of the house.

Dad-Focused Book

‘Babies don’t come with an instruction manual.’ This is said often, but new dads know what it means as they enter the new fatherhood phase. Therefore, among other cool gift ideas for a new dad, a father-focused book is something they’ll surely appreciate.

You can get them a book about fatherhood and masculinity, a parenting guide, or a memoir written by a seasoned dad. These great resources can help them easily navigate the challenges, joys, and milestones of their new phase. If you think about it, they’ll cherish this thoughtful gift for years.

Dad Self-Care Package

A new dad will love a self-care package. It’s common for most fathers, even those with older kids, to put everyone’s needs ahead of theirs. So, it would be a good idea to get a new dad a self-care package that  says, ‘You also need to take good care of yourself because you deserve it.’

There are several things you could include in your gift basket. For instance, you can have skin and beard care products, lip balm, deodorant, foot soaks, etc. You can also include a body massager. Alternatively, get them a spa and massage gift certificate.

Personalized Keepsakes

A new dad will also appreciate a personalized keepsake that helps them commemorate entering into fatherhood. You can get them a keychain, jewelry, or a watch engraved with their baby’s birthdate or name. You can also include a heartwarming message, quote, or saying.

Date Night Package

A new baby becomes the main focus in a household as soon as they arrive. By taking all of dad’s and mum’s attention, the new parents will often find their marriage or relationship taking the back seat.

It’s, therefore, a great idea to give a new dad a gift that helps them reconnect with their significant other and strengthen their bond. You can get them a babysitting voucher, movie tickets, or gift certificates for a romantic dinner.

Final Thoughts

Being a new dad is a great milestone that’s exciting and transformative. Show the new dad in your circle that you celebrate this new phase of their life by gifting them a cool gift. Finding the right thing to get them doesn’t have to be challenging. This article provides seven cool gift ideas for a new dad to help you easily choose the perfect one for them.

Do you have other gift ideas that can put a smile on a new dad’s face? We’d love to see your suggestions in the comments.

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